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Search "user:Verilator"

3 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Variant960 games on Chess Variants Training #11

Horde 960 is really nice. That should be default horde.

by Verilator
Lichess Feedback - Losing rating to cheater #3

I don't ask to correct my rating after the lost game. It is not clear to me why, if I win, I did not get the points at the end of the game. There is no need to correct anything after the games. The si…

by Verilator
Lichess Feedback - Losing rating to cheater #1

I played with SharpshooterScorpeon. He won 1st game and I lost 16 rating point in Horde chess. I won 2nd game and I did not get any points. Immediately after 2nd game, on his account there us message…

by Verilator