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Pistoiasacchi - SCACCHI ITALIA - TORNEO BULLET DI NATALE 2018 - Pistoiascacchi#2

Penso di esserci

General Chess Discussion - ELO LICHESS versus ELO FIDE#10

I think that the difference between FIDE and Lichess Elo isn't constant. For example: 2300 Lichess ~ 2050 FIDE 1900 Lichess ~ 1750 FIDE 1500 Lichess ~ 1450 FIDE 1100 Lichess ~ 1150 FIDE 900 Liche…

General Chess Discussion - Who is the best player in the world?#17

It's not me

General Chess Discussion - Chesspatzer website!#8

#7 Very simple, this website is created with Some time ago I also created a website with Wix, but now I'm learning HTML and JavaScript because Wix functionalities are limited Wix pages are a…

General Chess Discussion - His Pawn Cheated and Killed my Pawn!#2


Off-Topic Discussion - Join please#1

Lichess Feedback - HTML Lichess TV script#1

Hi! I put the Lichess TV script in my website, but it doesn't work properly (the pieces don't move). Can anybody help me, please?

Off-Topic Discussion - Anyone got a Degree in Mathematics / Number theory and willing to help Student- Legendre Conjecture)#49

#6 Aren't bisectors enough?

Lichess Feedback - I propose...#1

Teams aren't very popular, so I propose: - A score for each team, based only on games done by two players of the team - Team games (half team vs. other half or team vs. team)

Lichess Feedback - Computer strength varies from one device to another#4

I noticed that Level 1 on mobile doesn't play very differently from Level 5