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27 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Stockfish 6 missed mate in 1 in my game, how likely it is? #4

@savagechess2k sorry, I didn't know that there is a difference. I would edit this post but it's not possible...

by Tymski
General Chess Discussion - Would anyone like to try playing three checks crazyhouse on lichess against me? #11

Only if it is king of the hill, 960 and antichess atomic aswell.

by Tymski
General Chess Discussion - Lichess! lets get 10000 forum posts on this! #36


by Tymski
General Chess Discussion - Stockfish 6 missed mate in 1 in my game, how likely it is? #1

It was surprising to me that stockfish 6 could mate me in 2 different ways in the next move but he missed that. Is he making random moves that are good enough? What are the odds of missing mate in one…

by Tymski
Polscy szachiści - Ktoś z Poznania? #1

Gdzie gracie w Poznaniu?

by Tymski
Lichess Feedback - [bug] Drawing arrows on daily puzzle is broken when I finish the puzzle #1

After I finish a puzzle and draw an arrow it disappears after a short period of time. I can draw arrows normally before last move though.

by Tymski
Lichess Feedback - How do I change title? #1

You have completely non intuitive post title change can't find it anywhere.

by Tymski
Lichess Feedback - Simul game filtering #1

On a simul game you have those big categories InProgress, Won, Draw, Lost and all the games below. It would be nice to be able to click In Progress to see games that are in progress, and so on.

by Tymski
General Chess Discussion - Blindfold chess with voice recognition and voice generation #1

Is there any way to play on lichess with speech recognition and voice generation? I want to say "E4" and have lichess move a pawn, then I want to hear response "E5". I dosn't have to work with premov…

by Tymski
General Chess Discussion - TIME for premove #3

Question to developers: Are premoves sent to the server? or browser waits for the response and then send the premove? It should be implemented in the first way for it to work properly.

by Tymski