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2600 posts found

Lichess Feedback - How to create a game that excludes people with temp 1500? rating? #4

You could play in a tournament and usually get paired with similar opponents.

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - [bug/cheating computer] You can't propose draw, but when AI blunders ends game as draw !? #4

Lichess AI doesn't know how to respond to a draw offer.

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - What happened to the net rating display on tournaments? #2

There are only two fresh pieces of data: 1. Performance rating: how well a player played in the event 2. Current rating: estimated player strength (overall, not just in the event) It may be fun t…

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Titled Chess960 SuperBlitz (3 0) Arena, please! #2

I'm curious what titled players think of chess960 (and optimistic that untitled viewers don't have a strong preference since we're out of book anyway). Assuming the same tournament duration, 3+0 wo…

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - chess board problem #2

If we can duplicate the issue, we can better advise... What OS / browser / plugins should we be concerned about (assuming a PC)?

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Reconnecting reconnecting reconnecting #8

Having read the code both for timeseal and for Lichess... it's the same concept, however the server policy caps compensation (I think configured to 100ms) whereas FICS leaves an open socket for up to …

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Reconnecting reconnecting reconnecting #6

@capitanos Can you please be less vague about what plugins/OS/browser is failing so we may fix it?

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Computer inexplicably resigned #7

Oops. Well... uh... well-defended!

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Shared Accounts in Antichess #10

Good gravy, I didn't realize just how out-of-date the Q&A is... compare that to : "User conduct is contextual, and different penalties may apply at the administ…

by Toadofsky
General Chess Discussion - Problems with Lichess in my opinion #49

I give him the benefit of the doubt that he was accidentally trolling and has opinions but fails terribly at communicating. Either way it seems there isn't more to discuss.

by Toadofsky