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Lichess Feedback - Icons not displayed correctly on some browsers #9

TIL it's possible to preload/assign fonts using JavaScript.
I wonder... why not also specify it in CSS, to avoid breaking workflows? I don't know much about web design but such a thing seems usefu

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - swiss tournament #97

Information about lichess development can be found at: (here)

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Icons not displayed correctly on some browsers #3

I don't understand the reported issue. What does "iconic fonts are not working well" mean?

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - lichess ip block #9

I created an issue (assuming most schools/universities use EDU domains):

by Toadofsky
Game analysis - Speedrun [blunder] #2

Pinging @thellamalord :-)

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Add a "time bank" option to correspondence #2

Alternatively, in event of emergency allow both players agree to pause the clock for X days.

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Correspondence time bank is a FAIL #7

Indeed, I can't seem to find any lobby games which lose on time in this manner:

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Signup using Lichess #4

I don't think Lichess is an authentication service provider.

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Ignore command for chats of tournaments #16

@TheBigNico Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately adding such a "personal timeout" would be even more complicated:
* If it's coded server-side, it's no simpler than using the block list
* If it

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Berserk if my opponent do berserk #2

Where's the fun in that?

by Toadofsky