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3437 posts found

Lichess Feedback - [Bug] Ratings for Puzzles can be cheatable ? #20

Anything is possible but I agree with #15 that this really, really isn't a priority. You might be surprised that that URL used to be hidden, but it made the code more complicated and it reduced pag…

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - [Bug] Ratings for Puzzles can be cheatable ? #6

We're not adding a puzzle rating URL to puzzles. The point is: puzzle rating is hidden because on the same page as where the puzzle is shown, it would suggest what the answer might be. Showing the…

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - [Bug] Ratings for Puzzles can be cheatable ? #4

It's not a bug and doesn't need to be fixed.

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Toadofsky, you did something wrong with the puzzle rating calculation. #4

A couple of points here: 1. My proposed ratings patch was rejected for performance concerns but might be (hopefully will be) replaced by a performant patch. 2. Under Glicko-2, puzzles being fr…

by Toadofsky
Off-Topic Discussion - BombSquad #1

I just found out about this game... I'll have to try it out sometime!

by Toadofsky
Off-Topic Discussion - Smooth McGroove - What's next? #1

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Home page freezing #2

I wonder if is related... but if so, there's possibly a bug of some sort (for browsers not using hardware acceleration).

by Toadofsky
Off-Topic Discussion - Tundra Chess #8

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - resigning on move 1 as black #2

He's only lost 4 points in his recent games. Perhaps something came up and he had to leave.

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Multiple seeks for multiple clock times. #9

#8 You do realize that Lichess uses a non-relational database (MongoDB)? You're asking about real-time requirements for managing relational data... …

by Toadofsky