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Search "user:Toadofsky"

3204 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Horde Deathmatch: svenos vs. StubenFisch #39

Sigh, children can't behave...

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - People that timeout instead of resigning #20

#13 What's the point of a 1-click report button when Lichess automatically reports such games?

by Toadofsky
Game analysis - Endgame playing on the increment #1

What an exciting game!

by Toadofsky
Game analysis - Horde chess endgame #1

My, what a confusing endgame:

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - New rule: after 301 moves the game is declared a draw. #31

Here, let's consider the first paragraph(s) of the FIDE rules: INTRODUCTION FIDE Laws of Chess cover over-the-board play. The Laws of…

by Toadofsky
Off-Topic Discussion - Philip Glass #1

by Toadofsky
General Chess Discussion - K+N v. K+N #5

FWIW I've been suggesting that 5+0 be replaced with 5+1 (and 10+0 with 10+2) so premoving can save such situations:

by Toadofsky
General Chess Discussion - Horde Deathmatch: svenos vs. StubenFisch #7

Wish I could stream/commentate it, but work obligations take priority...

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - Any game longer than 300 moves adjudicated as a draw? #172

#162 You have a strange definition of "losing" if that player can afford every 50 moves to make a pawn move. Most chess games end by move 40.

by Toadofsky
Lichess Feedback - People who complain about time-wasters #8

The best bot would read these forum topics and provide humorous responses.

by Toadofsky