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Lichess Feedback - [Feature Request] Add gender info! #14

"I'd like to know if a player is male or female because they have a name I can't really decide." says @Wjx2MyQvLW99sHmeCGQQ, by whose name I can only assume is actually a chess playing cat who likes w…

by TatsumakiRonyk
General Chess Discussion - So, done with chesscom #56

Lichess is definitely number one in my book. Aside from all the other problems on, the moderation of their forums was just oppressive! For instance, if I wanted to talk about my favorite …

by TatsumakiRonyk
General Chess Discussion - Insulted after winning an Exchange for piece and pawn down #12

I try to end all of my games (win or lose) with "Thank you for the game." Nobody's ever been rude in response to it.

by TatsumakiRonyk
General Chess Discussion - How to play against King's Indian Defense?? #2

Maybe kingside aggression with Bf4 or Bg5, followed by h4, e3, h5. Or maybe Nf3 Bd2 Qc1, and swap off the dark square bishops, put the knight on g5 and attack? Getting the Light-Squared bishop to …

by TatsumakiRonyk
Game analysis - Defeating a very high rated opponent for the first time! #3

@gablusky Thank you for sharing that game with us! Well played! The pawn structure you achieved by move 7 gives great attacking chances for white - so much so that it's in fact the focus of GM Simo…

by TatsumakiRonyk
Game analysis - Guico Piano classical game I played at a Sunday league #5

Great game! Thanks for sharing it with us. I might've been tempted to try for a smothered mate with 34...Ne1 Nf3. My idea probably wouldn't have worked though. Yours was much cleaner.

by TatsumakiRonyk
Off-Topic Discussion - Shogi Sekai (Shogi World) #2

I utilize 81dojo to play Shogi, I'm afraid I haven't heard of Shogi Sekai. I imagine the kindle version is "region locked". I've had an issue watching DVDs I've purchased overseas for that reason, and…

by TatsumakiRonyk
General Chess Discussion - Which type of victory is most satisfying to you? #6

I feel the most satisfied if I find a forced draw in an otherwise lost position. Since your question was asking about wins, I feel the most satisfied winning when I get to make the K+R vs K checkmate.…

by TatsumakiRonyk
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle 62899 alternate solution #2

Black would defend against Bh3 with f5, defending the knight and breaking the pin. If white continued with f3, the knight could retreat to safety, and the rook would not be in danger. ^my 2 cents

by TatsumakiRonyk
General Chess Discussion - What I'd like to see in chess software. A feature like Garmmarly. #2

That sounds neat! Though it's not exactly like you described, the Chess insights and analytics feature here on Lichess can help you see patterns in your play (or others, if their settings allow you…

by TatsumakiRonyk