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General Chess Discussion - Ahhh.... the feeling of victory against the most annoying opening ever#12

@helisss it is actually, there's this trendy line in the London where you play a setup with Nc3 called Jobava/Rapport and it's very popular, it was even played in last women world chess championship.

General Chess Discussion - Chatting after the game#9

Sometimes after some 15+10 I consider trying to open a conversation with my opponent if the game was interesting or there was a cool moment in the game, otherwise I just leave. I found myself sending …

General Chess Discussion - no lives matter#5

if you are leaving have a good life

Adult Improvers - Team tournaments#2

I'd like to play Pix. Usually 17:00 UTC is a good time in general for a lot of people. I'd like this to be a Rapid tournament so people can spend time in every phase of the game but that would tak…

General Chess Discussion - Question = Horse Vs Tower#8

Of course the horse, the tower only go straight, the queen and bishops (over diagonals) also have that power, not impressive. The horse has a fancy move, a L shape and it can jump over other pieces, a…

General Chess Discussion - 960 Bullet/Blitz/(Rapid) Ratings and Rapid 960 Tournaments#2

I always thought on this, seriously. 960 should separate ratings as playing blitz can spoil my good streak but I'm more of a Rapid guy, and I don't want my rating to be spoiled because all time contro…

Lichess Feedback - First QM Button: 20+10 vs 30+0 vs ?? #30

@sqwerty123 if you are interested in 45+45 games you should definitely check out

General Chess Discussion - Which gambit is the best?#8

The Queen's Gambit is the best but it's a real gambit as you gain the pawn back quick and in some lines if your opponent tries to keep it you get a comfortable advantage. My least favorites are Dan…

Lichess Feedback - New chessboard theme for dark mode#3

You can use the board which has blue and light blue, it's really helpful when you are in dark mode, I recommend you to try that one.