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Lichess Feedback - Significant Local Browser Analysis issue #6

set this to enabled and you have your settings back: chrome://flags/#enable-webassembly-threads

by TMaus
Lichess Feedback - Loosing on purpose #4

Lichess doesn't ban players for a prematurely resigned game or two. Every case is inspected by moderators and if the same pattern happens multiple times and a clear intention is recognized the user wi…

by TMaus
Lichess Feedback - Pre-move castling #4

you can also premove 1. ... Qa1, doesn't matter what premove you enter. If it is not valid it won't be executed when it's your turn.

by TMaus
Lichess Feedback - Zen mode icon beside the game. #5

To prevent that, 1) join the game 2) click your name 3) enable Zen-Mode (without going to preferences) 4) Profit!

by TMaus
Lichess Feedback - Deleting a team #3

Done, next time see #2 :)

by TMaus
Lichess Feedback - Annoying LichessTV behavior #2

If you want to follow that specific game you're watching on LichessTV right now, hover over a players name and click the little TV symbol.

by TMaus
Lichess Feedback - Message awaiting move from opponent #2

Feel free to help translating lichess:

by TMaus
Lichess Feedback - statistics scores #2

Do you mean your rating graph? It shows 1463 for you (2/12/17) Remember that the graphs are only updated every 15 minutes.

by TMaus
General Chess Discussion - Why is my rapid 1500? #8

Rating graph colors will be fixed as well as your indivudal ratings. All of the already played classical games have to be revisited to paste the clock data and adjust it to the new rating categories. …

by TMaus
General Chess Discussion - I can't find my classical games in my profile #8

The feature should be back online.

by TMaus