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General Chess Discussion - 8 year old homeless refugee wins his age group in NY State Champioship #2

Great story!

by Sissa___ll
Off-Topic Discussion - How to see the list of all the players youve faced and your records? #3

- Tools - Advanced search You can also search for a specific game.

by Sissa___ll
Lichess Feedback - Request for symbol for closed tournament #1

When I look for a tournament I meet many who are closed and can't participate. On the tournament page I would like to see a symbol on the front of the tournament icon (a padlock for example) indicati…

by Sissa___ll
General Chess Discussion - Why do people offer rematches after losing and then don't move? #6

Some people want to play the rematch with the same color and when they see that the color changes give up. A player asked me to rematch and when he saw that the color changed he canceled and asked ag…

by Sissa___ll
General Chess Discussion - Reliable Sources to Learn Chess Openings #2

I like these videos.

by Sissa___ll
Lichess Feedback - Letting time run out instead of resigning. A suggestion to solve this problem. #4

This problem is very annoying. Yesterday I was in a simultaneous and the player abandoned me and another player and went to play another game. It's a lot of lack of education. I think if a player s…

by Sissa___ll
Lichess Feedback - Timers don't switch after a move #3

I also have this problem in the last days, but my internet is the same as before.

by Sissa___ll
Lichess Feedback - My clock is stoping when i don´t have connection problems. #3

Também tenho esse problema. Quando vejo que o adversário demora a responder atualizo a página e o relógio volta a funcionar. ------------------- I also have this problem. When I see that the oppon…

by Sissa___ll
Game analysis - Complete refutation of Petroff Defence! #12

@hangrad - Sorry for disappointing you, but you didn't invent it. I'm not a historian but everyone who studies chess knows that. You will find several videos about this on youtube and on chess site…

by Sissa___ll
Game analysis - Complete refutation of Petroff Defence! #3

This trap is old.

by Sissa___ll