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General Chess Discussion - Looking for recommendations#2

I think your mindset should be the opposite: if you are uncomfortable with a certain type of position, try to learn how to handle such positions. That's a good way to get better.

General Chess Discussion - Is talking a few words about the game so terrible?#5

The game you linked is a bullet game - most people don't bother analyzing their blitz games, let alone bullet. If you play longer time controls, you'll probably find more people willing to discuss the…

General Chess Discussion - It is an "inaccuracy" to accept the Queen's Gambit???#14

@sargon Delchev has actually co-written a book on the QGA (I recommend it, the lines given are fairly non-theoretical and easy to learn, and let you play for a win with black) in which the game you po…

Game analysis - Subtle rook move in the French Steinitz variation Ra7?!#3

@sakkozik gg wp. That ra7 move had me somewhat confused and intimidated, reaffirming the thought that I don't understand this opening at all.. @tpr I'm new to this opening, used to play the advance …

General Chess Discussion - Complete brain blackout!#4

What I'll often do is play a move that creates a strong threat, and then think about possible responses on my opponent's time, and how I'll react. But if my opponent simply ignores or misses the threa…

General Chess Discussion - Who is the worst player to have an opening named after them?#25 Not sure who Fred is, but he might be the guy if he plays this.