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General Chess Discussion - pings on different chess sites#3

8 ms to on my side

General Chess Discussion - pings on different chess sites#1

I know that both the pull down menu of my profile and show my ping. But I wanted to test it myself and compare it with another site. In Windows7 this works with pressing simultaneo…

Lichess Feedback - How to popularise Lichess?#7 was launched 2007, lichess 2010. Therefore hardly surprising...the better comparison is the speed in the increase of users online during the last years and in this respect, the story of lich…

Lichess Feedback - how it comes that lichess is that fast?#1

I know all other major chess sites and I am really surprised how much faster I am on lichess when playing bullet. Curious if the reason is the technique Thibault built this site with, or the fact t…

Game analysis - cheater#19

Calling Anand a cheater? hahaha