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Search "user:PlexusQuartz"

14 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Getting motivated again #16

Stumbling across cheaters in ANY field is 10000% Guaranteed to happen in your lifetime.. If you do not have the strength to SHOW you are stronger, then YOU are even weaker than the cheater. Show YOU a…

by PlexusQuartz
Lichess Feedback - People who leave games without resigning #8

Although I did say that you should maintain a good sportsmanship, I can confirm it's pretty bad down in the lower ratings. They like to quit, and it's annoying. In bullet/blitz, it's not too bad, but …

by PlexusQuartz
Lichess Feedback - Forfeit button for tournaments #14

@Numberman768 Something wrong with posting in a dead forum?

by PlexusQuartz
Lichess Feedback - Forfeit button for tournaments #12

Or click the flag twice.

by PlexusQuartz
Lichess Feedback - I think premoves should improve. #4

@unoc4oc5 you can disable them in "Preferences". For the post, I think that would be interesting... I support the idea.

by PlexusQuartz
Lichess Feedback - Thanks lichess #6

What are all these super good players doing here? :) Congratz! Your chess knowledge will only continue to grow faster. Try getting it to the 2ks!

by PlexusQuartz
Lichess Feedback - People who leave games without resigning #6

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." It's fine, just get over it. Maintain a good sportsmanship.

by PlexusQuartz
Lichess Feedback - Draw rules #4

The way you play revolts me. Finish it quick by mating them, perhaps staircase. There is no reason to drag it out to 200 moves and slowly win, all the while saying "Haha, you're lost." Do you have to …

by PlexusQuartz
General Chess Discussion - Question about chess etiquette #39

Ye, sometimes if you played an intense game, "GG" makes you both feel good. One where you crushed them usually aggravates them. Regardless, good job at the flag! Flagging is fun.

by PlexusQuartz
General Chess Discussion - No Carlsen in Titled #3

No like, if Carlsen is world champ and is facing the challenger, he can't join the titled arena because he has a game during that time. Who would win the TITLED ARENA?

by PlexusQuartz