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Lichess Feedback - Arrows (right click)#1

Suggestion: While playing you can right- or alt-click or whatever, and draw little green arrows instead of actually making a move. My suggestion is to make this feature user-controlled; that is,…

Lichess Feedback - Correspondence Loss on Time#1

I understand the policy regarding losses on time for live games (Classical/Rapid/Blitz/Bullet), but I feel it should be easy enough to stop the clock for correspondence games while lichess is down. …

Game analysis - Had a drawn game against GM Vallejo Pons#6

Well done, congrats! Pons is no joke!

Lichess Feedback - "Letting time run out instead of resigning will result in a ban"#1

This is hogwash. It's my time and I'll do with it what I wish. There's already a feature that recognizes if a player has "left the game" and gives the opponent an option to claim victory. I also under…