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Search "user:Nickro00"

6 posts found

Game analysis - Sacrificing to h rank checkmate #1

I actually started this match unintentionally while I was waiting for a bus and ended up doing ok. I noticed that the opponent seemed to want to do more capturing and so I tried sacrificing pieces to …

by Nickro00
Game analysis - Planned Ahead #3

I more or less wanted to see what I did right with the game and where my opponent faltered to see how I could avoid that situation myself or take better advantage of it. I understood that this was a v…

by Nickro00
Game analysis - Planned Ahead #1

I made an attempt at making a bunch of preemptive moves to envelope my opponent but unfortunately they didn't notice the obvious trap. How could I have done better on the game? (also where did my oppo…

by Nickro00
Game analysis - Blunder to mate in one? #4

Ok Your assessments make sense. I did notice the bishop to g4 was a bit of a mistake and I do recognize that have a single plan such as the above is not great. I actually noticed the possible mate whe…

by Nickro00
Off-Topic Discussion - Came across two puzzles back to back that were the same game #1

I was playing puzzles and got one puzzle that was (in my opinion) pretty easy. Then I got to the very next puzzle. It was litera…

by Nickro00
Game analysis - Blunder to mate in one? #1

So I haven't played many games on here thus far but I was wondering if perhaps my last few moves weren't quite as terrible as the computer seems to suggest (I understand that if we were both playing o…

by Nickro00