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Lichess Feedback - Lichess TV : Request for improvement #5

Happens sometimes especially in classical. Two cheaters gets paired and since they are "flagged" + have a high rating they are broadcasted on lichess tv

Lichess Feedback - Bug: tournaments and quick pairing#3

You're flagged for using computer assistance. Send a ticket to lichess if it is wrong

Adult Improvers - Introduction#8

Hi! I'm a 21 year old student trying to learn chess. I learned the rules when i created this account 2 years ago. As a challenge, i want to see if i am able to progress as fast as @peshkach since his …

General Chess Discussion - Any masters who started late#149

Sorry for posting in an already huge thread, but just an example for people. I learned the rules of chess in 2017 and played a very close game as black against 2150 fide player(my first 2000+ opponent…

General Chess Discussion - IQ and Chess#21

@deepLA Kasparov's IQ has never been tested to be that high. I cite: "Some sources give Garry Kasparov, a renowned chess player, an IQ between 185 and 190. But in 1987-88, the German magazine Der Spie…

General Chess Discussion - IQ and Chess#2

This formula is quite bad, as Kasparov was tested and got an IQ of 135. By the formula 10*(135)+1000=2350, or a strong FM. If a formula can't decipher a difference between FM's and a world champion, i…