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Lichess Feedback - Please add the modified white-blue-white Russian flag#3

Thank you, that's great! I actually checked it before I wrote here, but I didn't look at the bottom :D

Lichess Feedback - Please add the modified white-blue-white Russian flag#1

A lot of Russians don't identify with Putin's war. A symbol of this is the white-blue-white Russian flag (replacing the red which stands for blood, by white). It is used e.g. by Russians who fled to G…

Lichess Feedback - Computer analyses: Pawn-value for suggested lines?#1

The computer analysis is one of my favorite features. But sometimes it is really hard to see how much better the engine's suggestions really are. Hence I would suggest to show not only the "pawn-value…

General Chess Discussion - Letting the clock run out vs giving up#1

Could it be that players from some countries prefer to let the clock run out instead of giving up, even in really hopeless positions? Is this a cultural thing ("I just lost on time") or is the "give u…

General Chess Discussion - Why it's so rare that a player gives the 15s when the opponent is low on time?#1

When I have an interesting position, and my opponent is low on time, I often give them the 15s, sometimes more than 4 times. On the other hand, I lose a lot of games with a clearly "won" position on t…

Off-Topic Discussion - What kind of music do you like#4

I (member of Mensa in Germany) like a lot of different styles - classic, indie, "neo-classic" (e.g. Max Richter), experimental, but most of the mainstream music is not very interesting. Generally I se…

Lichess Feedback - New Training feature#9

I was also not able to paste PGNs, and it is frustrating that there is no hint why it failed.

Lichess Feedback - Timing broken#1

I lost the following games, where time just jumed to zero: