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Crazyhouse World Championship - 1+0 CWC #49

I'm in

by KyleLegion
Lichess Bughouse - What happened to #2

I think they were looking for a new server to host it. People in the house discord ( are in touch with the developer, if you want to join and ask :)

by KyleLegion
Crazyhouse World Championship - League Suggestions #6

For me, as a spectator, I don't really mind if the TD wants to add as many wildcards as he wants, chosen by his own judgment. In the end the more top players playing the better. I mean who doesn't wan…

by KyleLegion
Lichess Bughouse - Days without bughouse on lichess #203


by KyleLegion
Crazyhouse World Championship - Vote for 2nd Candidates Wild Card #7

yes the more strong players in the candidates the better

by KyleLegion
retardedplatypus123 fan club - flourish "pretty good for a platypus" #2

even better for a retarded one

by KyleLegion
retardedplatypus123 fan club - opperwezen "I fear this player" #3

Platy is the most improved zh player. I remember first playing him when he was 1900 shortly after lichess implemented crazyhouse. Now he's a world class player, #3 in the biggest zh/bug nation.

by KyleLegion
IM penguinim1 fan club - US Junior Championships #12

Get them Andrew!!!

by KyleLegion
Crazyhouse World Championship - Welcome the Candidates! #11

HighContrast :( :( :(

by KyleLegion
The House Discord Server - The House Discord Community for Chess and Variants! #5

Best server ever.

by KyleLegion