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Lichess Feedback - Unable to analyze my last game.#2

And as soon as I posted this and clicked on the game, it works. WTF? At least it's back.

Lichess Feedback - Unable to analyze my last game.#1

Just played a simple game against the computer, I was quite proud of. I did a computer analysis but backed out of the page after it was done, and then came back to it. Now I lost the analysis but when…

General Chess Discussion - non-symmetric chess 960#12

>And yeah some times one side has an advantage in that maybe their structure has an edge v the non-symetric side. But how is that any different to standard chess? If you're white you have an edge anyw…

Lichess Feedback - Can you make an Lichess app for windows?#4

The real question (And I ask this as a computer programmer) is what benefit is there to an app? I consider something like opening up a chrome tab allowing notifications will give you a fully featured …

General Chess Discussion - Can you play a "perfect" game?#1

I just played someone in a correspondence game. The game is Now I don't wish to say "He's cheating". But I want to question something. How hard is it to play a "per…

Lichess Feedback - Add captured pieces to analysis#2

Seconded. Especially when doing Learn from my Mistakes, it's helpful to know if you're up a minor piece or down, to see if you want to try to simply the board, or if you were fighting for every point …

General Chess Discussion - How do I punish my opponent's opening-mistakes?#11

Neither of those are mistakes necessarily. They aren't the best moves, but they're at best inaccuracy (to use the lichess vernacular) As Sarg0n said, you need to look at the position and and figure ou…

Lichess Feedback - Android App Push Notifications#3

It's a little disconcerting this hadn't been added as I agree it is sorely needed. Just lost a match because I wasn't notified of a move.