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Off-Topic Discussion - The conlang thread #12

.i .iacu'i xu da poi tcidu dei cu certu la jbobau

by KeyboardFire
Lichess Feedback - Chess CAPTCHA is a bad idea. #8

The point of a CAPTCHA is to keep existing bots out. Nobody's going to make a bot *specifically* designed for spamming lichess—and even if somebody does, it's easy to handle that on a case-by-case bas…

by KeyboardFire
General Chess Discussion - BETA is a way to cheat easily #6

What is BETA?

by KeyboardFire
Lichess Feedback - A minor misspelling ("Franco-Scilian") #1

In this game: Lichess said the opening was the "Sicilian Defence, Franco-Scilian Variation." "Sicilian" is spelled wrong the second time.

by KeyboardFire
Off-Topic Discussion - Lichess unfair towards bad players!!!! #6


by KeyboardFire
Lichess Feedback - Chess 960 : 1st move time more than 15 seconds #4

I agree. In every other variant you can decide what you want your first move to be beforehand, without even having to join the tournament, and the 15 seconds isn't meant as thinking time. This is not…

by KeyboardFire
Game analysis - You vs Stockfish level 1, stalemate in as few moves as possible #5

#4, now try it with no takebacks. :P

by KeyboardFire
Lichess Feedback - Monthly tournaments don't show up as monthly #1 Last I checked, "monthly" meant "once a month."

by KeyboardFire
Lichess Feedback - Black Four Times In A Row #7

Highly related:

by KeyboardFire
SE Chess - Any good resources on atomic? #2

Courtesy of Uni:

by KeyboardFire