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Lichess Feedback - Suggestions: players who abandon games#1

Suggestions. 1. Display the completion rate of each player at all times. It's a bother to go hunting for it after the game has begun. 2. Have a new feature allowing people to choose NOT to play…

Lichess Feedback - Troll draw offers#2

The similarity in the design for both events fooled me too. I also think this troll should be sanctioned. BTW I want to thank lichess for giving me the task of blocking people who abandon games. Yes…

Lichess Feedback - People who leave games without resigning #7

I have a strong feeling that the problem is much worse in the lower ratings. Could someone confirm this. Those saying it's not a problem may be higher rated. It's really really annoying and wastes a l…

Lichess Feedback - Stricter punishment for leavers / time runners#6

Agree 100%. I block people with completion rates lower than 90%. It's annoying that they get away with it. I chatted to one offender about his rude behaviour and he just laughed. He knew he could get …

Lichess Feedback - Unable to see Computer Analysis Graph#7

It's happening to me also in firefox. It happens intermittently, but is much more frequent in the last 2 days.