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Off-Topic Discussion - Which is your least favourite app?#23

Just Dance Now, the monetization on that thing is horrible.

Off-Topic Discussion - Bruh moment of the month#1

I won against the top 1 of the tournament, but it was less than a minute after the tournament ended, so it didn't count, or I would have been top 1.

Lichess Feedback - Feature request: Zen mode in puzzle racer#10

Just cut your screen man, is not that complex (? Just kidding, I agree with you.

Lichess Feedback - Lag tests across the world#1

Has anyone made a lag test or something like that in diferent parts of the world? I live in Argentina and I have at least 3 seconds less than my oponents. I've lost several games where I make the move…

Game analysis - How is this move not a blunder? I went from +20 to+7 and it's not registered even as an imprecision#1