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Lichess Feedback - Rapid Chess text shows in PGN output#1

When exporting PGN from a 15 15 game, the text inserted before move one reads "Rapid Chess" it should say "Classical Chess"

Lichess Feedback - Filter game: Autocolor#1

There needs to be a way to filter out players who always insist on playing the same color. So, if Autocolor selected it means you will not see game seeks from players who insist on playing a particul…

Lichess Feedback - Arena pairings#1

Arena tournaments often have long delays when waiting to get paired. Sometimes it lasts for 10 minutes where all of us are sitting there waiting to get paired. It would be nice to introduce some par…

Lichess Feedback - Round Robin Tournament#36

Yes, the pairings are difficult to understand in Arena since it is so different than what chess players experiences - Swiss or Round Robin.

Lichess Feedback - Mobile app training does not show rating change#1

Whenever I use the mobile app for tactics, my rating never changes. This only works from my PC. It used to work. What happened?

General Chess Discussion - Display chess opening in the match#2

Agreed. This is something that shouldn't be too difficult to implement since the opening is captured in the PGN notation.