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General Chess Discussion - Puzzles got harder? #11

@Cuxhaven Around 20 seconds for puzzles that I find obvious, just in case there is a trap; and up to around 5-10 minute if I don't have a slightest idea, and decide instead to check for many legal mov…

by HonorPanda
General Chess Discussion - Puzzles got harder? #9

Actually I'm experiencing a totally different phenomenon now, maybe because I am doing puzzle numbered above 100000 due to the sheer number of puzzles I've done. I was around 2000-2200 for few months…

by HonorPanda
Game analysis - Would you rather be White or Black in this spot? #3

white even though stockfish thinks of it as a draw, it is easier to play as white than black because black will have to be extremely accurate defensively.

by HonorPanda
Game analysis - I think stockfish analyzed this wrong #7

One of the moves black has to find is Ne5! Can't say it's obvious. It defends the D7 square from any knight check and from white threat of winning the rook with the queen. White cannot take the Knigh…

by HonorPanda