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Search "user:HoSantaSK"

30 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Problem: database statistics and transpositions (and a possible feature request) #2

ChessTempo is already doing this, try for example 1.e4 e6 2.Nf3 and you will see that in 2...c5 it includes all transpositions to e6 sicilian But I agree that it's a good feature and should be used…

by HoSantaSK
General Chess Discussion - pings on different chess sites #4

lichess has servers in France, probably somewhere in USA (i assume) so this might be 1 reason, but chess24 impresses me , does anyone know where they have servers?

by HoSantaSK
General Chess Discussion - Suggestions for my study? #3

WOW so many arrows, don't make arrow for every possible move, it's hard to see through :D

by HoSantaSK
General Chess Discussion - New FIDE rules as of 2018: the first illegal move won‘t lose in Blitz/Rapid #7

If I understand correctly you get 2 mins in rapid and 1 min in blitz if your opponent makes an illegal move? Is that the only game-changing rule? I was looking at other changes and they seem like they…

by HoSantaSK
Game analysis - best pleyers of lichess 1# #2

There are around 100 GMs here just saying...

by HoSantaSK
Off-Topic Discussion - If chess openings were Pokemon moves what would be leer? #3

"Leer decreases the Defense stat of all adjacent opponents by one stage." Even in the Ruy Lopez you decrease the defense ability of the c6 knight with Bb5.

by HoSantaSK
Lichess Feedback - #2

According to rules, he can checkmate you by some sequence of moves so the result is a win. Lichess really should make a separate section where they would explain these things because like half of the …

by HoSantaSK
General Chess Discussion - My final topic on all chess forums #2

233132?311 I don't know your situation so I answered what I think in general should be good according to me. I just don't understand question 7. The answers also depends on many factors, for exampl…

by HoSantaSK
Lichess Feedback - Mobile app Clock with increment initial time should include the increment time #2

Here you simply get increment after every move played, if you play 3+2 then the initial time is 3 minutes, if I wanted to set the initial time to 3:02, I would play 3:02+2 (you can't do this on liches…

by HoSantaSK
Lichess Feedback - This isn't chess anymore #7

The opponent felt on time

by HoSantaSK