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General Chess Discussion - PRIVACY ISSUE?? -- Have you been contacted #13

Well, I've got a GPG key on my profile which can be used to obtain 4 of my email addresses, including the principal one, the backup GMail one and the two political ones. Plus, you know, just a Google…

by Hasimir
General Chess Discussion - I knew i was getting better when... #18

When I become the second of two players in the Australasian team (of around 90 players, including IMs and SIMs) to beat one of our Russian opponents. My bit (board 84):…

by Hasimir
General Chess Discussion - What would be your Real Life ELO rating? Try this test! #20

I chose not to complete it because I found myself analysing the intent of the people who set it up. Consider this: 1. They could easily have used the more common merida type boards, but they *chos…

by Hasimir
General Chess Discussion - Very interesting read and an inside view: IM Daniel Pruess left #25

On a side note to this pointlessness: how many people here use the same username on as here and, of those, how many just received a one week free Diamond Membership at in order to …

by Hasimir
Coders - Linux UCI GUIs #2

There's SCIDvsPC, which is written in Tk/Tcl and will run on Linux, there's also ChessX (originally a SCID fork, but rewritten in Qt). Both are available on SourceForge: http://scidvspc.sourceforg…

by Hasimir
General Chess Discussion - Correspondence chess-the ULTIMATE thinking ! #18

I used to be a little concerned about encountering engine use in correspondence matches (not so much here as over at right up until the point where I started to draw against a recent incarna…

by Hasimir
Game analysis - A little more amusing analysis #3

Indeed ... "This conversation can serve no purpose ..." Alrighty then, here's the annotated version with SF's analysis immediately after: [Event "?"] [Site "Discovery 1"] [Date "2001.??.??"] …

by Hasimir
Game analysis - A little more amusing analysis #1

Hello, This isn't one of mine, but it has a bit of an amusing history so I figured I'd pop it in here and see what people made of it without any of the identifying names attached. So bonus points …

by Hasimir
General Chess Discussion - How many real tournament did you join? #10

Depends on how you define a "real tournament." If you mean FIDE or national organisation for OTB play, then none. If you mean international equivalent or national organisation for other types, par…

by Hasimir
General Chess Discussion - Are names permanent? #15

I'll go you one better: I recently received a message from Wikimedia that I had to select a new username on the Meta site due to a conflict with another user account and the switch to a single-signon …

by Hasimir