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Lichess Feedback - Make donating easier#1

I love Lichess and just became a lifetime member, but it was a time-consuming struggle to to find the right page. It seems reasonable to me that a "Donate if you wish" button could be added alongside…

Lichess Feedback - Beginner puzzles#3

Thanks for the reply, Nikita. I thought I read somewhere that puzzles were graded, ie they became harder if you solved them and easier if you failed. Probably my mistake. Thanks again.

Lichess Feedback - Beginner puzzles#1

Is there a way to start with the easiest puzzles rather than those for entry level 1500? Am thinking of juniors (7 to 9, say) who need a little success to fuel their enthusiasm. I imagine they would…

Lichess Feedback - Bug in Fundamentals/combat?#1

Puzzles say "Take black pieces and don't lose your own." Error message works, but correct answers don't get stars. User does not know if correct. Cheers Gumbot Oops... now I get it... was wait…