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Lichess Feedback - game result #4

You don't need to be able to force, just has to be possible.

by Frankie0909
General Chess Discussion - Concerning protection caused by pinned pieces #7

by Frankie0909
Lichess Feedback - Feedback: I think going berserk in rated tournaments warps a persons rating #19

One could argue that the different time controls that still reward to the same rating break the system, both in real life and online chess. E.g; one 1800 who plays only 10.00 minute games and one 1…

by Frankie0909
Never berserk back - Be serious! #2


by Frankie0909
General Chess Discussion - How do you actually get better at chess? #6

I study pawn structures and piece placements that are typical of the openings I play, and the ideas behind them, I learned the hard way that mindlessly blasting out opening moves from a book on theory…

by Frankie0909
Game analysis - Rare middlegame imbalance #2

I dunno, black has a lot of open files to position his rooks on and he can probably push his minorit(ies) to wreck whites pawns, especially on the queenside. If it's white to move he could always take…

by Frankie0909
Game analysis - finlip at Bhopal International GM tournament #4

Good luck! Cool games.

by Frankie0909
Game analysis - WIN in 19 moves by SUBMI$$ION! #10


by Frankie0909
Game analysis - WIN in 19 moves by SUBMI$$ION! #8

A chess 'satirist'...

by Frankie0909
General Chess Discussion - non-symmetric chess 960 #5

One could argue that opening theory makes chess 'easier'. Anyway, I enjoy both variants of chess.

by Frankie0909