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Lichess Feedback - Lobby Graph [BUG]#4

it's resolved for me as well! Thanks devs for your awesome work and responsivity! I love V2

Lichess Feedback - Lobby Graph [BUG]#2

I confirm the same issue on both Chrome and Firefox

General Chess Discussion - WELCOME Lichess V2#54

follow-up to #51: my bullet challenge, in green, can be seen at the top of the screen -- it is somewhat cut off. I am on Firefox if there's a better thread…

General Chess Discussion - WELCOME Lichess V2#51

thank you lichess devs for all your hard work! please allow me to join the ranks of people complaining about UI issues: in the Lobby on my homepage, I can't s…

Lichess Feedback - Analysis board "cheat detected"#29

I think much of this could be solved by having some sort of "safety switch" which would trigger in cases where using computer analysis would cause you to forfeit a game. A solution might be setting…

General Chess Discussion - GM Andrew Tang Defends Humanity Against Leela Chess Zero#21

Hey @arex, great write-up of a fantastic event! I think one thing I would add is that only in the games without increment, Andrew lost many games on time that he may have won otherwise. For example, t…