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296 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Clock rule #11

I did a few searches.. Found this: This leads me to believe that 42D is something to look for in your rule book. Look for rule 42D on this page also: ht…

by DrHack
General Chess Discussion - Chess Improvement #4

Your opening play is prob not ambitious enough to beat your peers consistently. My guess is that you win points vs lower rated and lose points vs same/higher rated? Am I right?

by DrHack
Off-Topic Discussion - Flat Earth #66

@thekid456 So you got these 4 guys with 4 different opinions, and the short question is: who's right? One says God is real, one says he's not.. one guy thinks God is a woman.. could be I guess. The…

by DrHack
Off-Topic Discussion - Flat Earth #27

Mike Hugues is on the cutting edge of this theory. Pretty sure he launched himself up in a rocket to get a better look. I think he got close to an answer on his last launch:…

by DrHack
Off-Topic Discussion - World Cup Picks by GianMarco #26

I predict the winner of the Brazil/Mexico match will reach the finals. I had actually thought Mexico was the team to beat until game 3 of round 1... now I'm not as certain.

by DrHack
Game analysis - My first game back after an 8 month break. #2

Yeah we covered that ;). 2 pawns connected on the 3rd rank beat the rook (so long as the white king can not get in front of the pawns.. so 40. b3 would also suffice. Welcome back!

by DrHack
General Chess Discussion - Whats a good chess book #3

^ | |

by DrHack
Off-Topic Discussion - World Cup Picks by GianMarco #11

Why aren't you betting on Iceland? Edit: you know.. your analogy sucks. There are actual wars going on right now... ICELAND FTW!

by DrHack
Lichess Feedback - Feature Request Lock Chapter in Study #1

Wondering if it would be possible to add a button to lock a given chapter so the pieces still move, but moves and changes are no longer recorded. (I know there is the toggle to record/ not record, bu…

by DrHack
Game analysis - Help me improve at tactics #10

This thread. This. 6 Months. 5000 puzzles. Holy Crap.

by DrHack