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Lichess Feedback - New variant idea - Invisible Chess#4

Have a look at this variant called Kriegspiel. I think this is very similar to what you are suggesting.

General Chess Discussion - What's happening in this game - Stockfish gives a draw. Why?#9

Evaluation at zero for a repetition is done that way so the engine does not waste time analyzing the same position again. It prevents the variations tree from growing unnecessarily

Crazyhouse Chess Theoreoticians - Theory study#13

For me options 2 or 3 would work better. Also, I would prefer the studies to be kept private at least while we keep editing them, after we are done we can make them public. For the timetable, I thi…

Crazyhouse Chess Theoreoticians - Theory study#7

I would like to join this group study and hopefully stop playing so bad after e4 e5 (with both colors). I started playing crazyhouse not long ago but I have been playing almost always e4 e5 as Black…

Crazyhouse World Championship - ATTN: The Summer Zh League#40

I would also be interested in joining this league. My vote goes for 5+2.