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General Chess Discussion - Opening trap#5

The best is d4, Nf3, Bg5 hoping the opponent premoves something like d5, e6, c5. Recommend for bullet games.

General Chess Discussion - Help needed in chess 960#8

Take unprotected pawns on a7/h7 on move 2 if any

Game analysis - Average centipawn loss of 8...#6

It's not hard if the game quickly turns to equal endgame and players are experienced enough. 21 cp loss vs 6 cp loss, only one decisive mistake and win for 6 cp l…

Lichess Feedback - Suggestion: sorting and searching club members#1

Now the club members list lacks any functionality. 1. I want to find out who are the strongest players in a club. What I do now: write a Python script. What I want to do: press a button "Sort by…

Lichess Feedback - Chess960 Bug#3

It was not fixed 15 min ago. After castling rook doesn't move on the board. Ctrl+F5 after castling helps.