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Community Blog Discussions - 10 Must-Read Non-Chess Books Every Chess Player Should Explore#24

Number 1 on the list should be "The Communist Manifesto"

General Chess Discussion - Can I become a GM by solving the CAPTCHAs in the Lichess forum?#7

Just testing this out, I'll report back after crushing Carlsen

Off-Topic Discussion - Banning of books and art in the U.S.#9

I really wish the left had the power republicans think we have, then some progress could actually be made

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General Chess Discussion - Nasty queen sacrifice: Magnus Carlsen loses in 18 Moves#3

That's what you get for using the Scandi, Magnus. It had to catch up to you eventually!

Lichess Feedback - Suggestion for Lichess UI - Allow users to create and maintain different "themes" akin to Chrome #1

Maybe it's just me but I've been playing around with different images for the background of the site for me and it's nice to oscillate between them with different board color schemes to match. It woul…

Game analysis - strange evaluation line by stockfish#3

It seems counter intuitive at first glance but everything that happened seemed relatively forcing from an engines point of view I guess. Hard to call it a blunder when they won handily against another…