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Game analysis - Trouble understanding puzzles#2

You've got to look at all the direct forcing moves; remember the aphorism, "pinning is winning". Here you have a piece in an absolute pin that you can attack with a pawn, hence it screams to be played…

General Chess Discussion - What are your most painful misclicks?#4

Not my own, (of which I have no doubt there are many, and far more egregious - I've thankfully blanked from memory), but the most recent I saw of the same motif was immortalised in the masters lichess…

Game analysis - TCEC Cup 2 - Round 8.1 - LCZero v Komodo#1

There was some discussion in twitch chat today about the chess game in question, and an incomplete VOD / missing pgn(*). Having watched (if it matches up correctly) the end of the game in question (li…

General Chess Discussion - How is this positionally won? #2

At the point of the sacrifice: i) White, through the unopposed knight and bishop, gains dominance on the dark-squares - which is significant due to the dark square weaknesses around the black king (n…

General Chess Discussion - Brick wall ceiling, no point playing. #6

@rickrenegade: I guess it depends; for me I consciously noticed that my level of play was getting there but my time usage was poor. To up my speed & tactical awareness, I found it useful to watch top …

General Chess Discussion - Brick wall ceiling, no point playing. #3

I'm going to assume you are referring to your bullet play on here (as you have a singular, minuscule, rating deviation in recent rapid play); as someone who also spent a lot of time around that mark (…

Lichess Feedback - What happened to PNACL Stockfish in Chrome?#3

In replicating the (I believe aforementioned) bug, where the engine hangs; a function is repeatedly called which attempts to divide by zero eg. "Uncaught RuntimeError: divide by zero at wasm-function"…

Lichess Feedback - Computer assisted analysis wrong in TB position#5

I came across a similar issue of confusion looking at the practice studies; for instance the following position [FEN "8/k7/8/K6p/1P5P/8/8/8 w - -"] was (*) reading as a dead draw on the analysis board…