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General Chess Discussion - Hit me with your best chess quotes!#10

"So okay, let's see what he wants to do here... I mean he takes I take, takes, takes. I can check, I don't have to do... I'll do it anyways, why not, why not. Maybe he'll take, maybe not, it's always …

Lichess Feedback - How i cheated!#3

I vote for guillotine.

General Chess Discussion - I am the greatest.#7

There is a special place for the "greatest of all time". There you'll most likely make friends with "Napoleon", "Zeus", the REAL "Messi" etc. I think lichess community could chip in and buy you ticket…

General Chess Discussion - Why will no one play in my simuls?#4

I have to admit that personally I, not just scared, I'm terrified of playing against players of such a high caliber as you (1650 provisional it's not a bs achievement!). I might get psychological trau…