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31 posts found

Game analysis - Share your schwindle #17

If my opponent took my pawn with his knight, I would have resigned.

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Chess trap. #11

This is what happens when you play chess on LSD.

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Share your schwindle #3

Sounds fun. Here, my plan was to draw the game with a perpetual check on the back rank. My opponent was clearly not interested in a draw. I kind of felt bad about winning this way because my oppon…

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Got into 1400! #9

@howchessYT To answer your question, in my experience 1400 players typically don't leave pieces hanging anymore but they often miss common tactics like knight forks, or putting their queen where s…

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Deadly Chess Tricks to Beat Beginners (Specially for 0-1400 rated players Gruop) #4

Few things in chess are more satisfying than falling for your opponent's memorized opening gimmick and then winning the game by being a better chess player.

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Takebacks #7

I gave a takeback in a rated game one time when my opponent left his queen hanging. I asked him to return the favor later in the same game and he refused, winning the game. Now, when I see a takebac…

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Why can not I play more against other players? #3

@Asym You're not supposed to tell him. That ruins the fun.

by Chiksan
Lichess Feedback - If someone can beat me in an even game #3

@breakreign It's always amusing watching bullet players give chess advice. "Dude, just click faster than your opponent! Who cares if it's a bad move? All fast moves are good moves. As long a…

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - What exactly is a Innac / Mistake / Blunder #2

Inaccuracy means that you tried to capture an opposing piece but you missed.

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Opinons #2

You were doing really well until you missed that pin on move 13 that would have won you his queen. It's easy to miss those moves in blitz games. Also, alarms should be going off in your head when …

by Chiksan