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48 posts found

General Chess Discussion - did opponent a' cheetah??? #6

I want to believe that somebody actually managed to get a rating over 1800 without ever finding out how castling works.

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Ghost moves, "immortal" queen sac gone wrong #3

That mate in 3 with the bishop and pawn would have been a sweet way to get away with it. Regardless, that took some courage to even play a queen sacrifice like that. Respect.

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Traxler Counter Attack #5

Thanks for your help everyone. I always knew the computer likes 5. Nxf7 but that Bxf7+ move looks like it leads to a less stressful game while giving me an advantage that I'd be satisfied with.

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Opponent gives you +15seconds before resigning #7

@RegisLakrids Maybe your opponent thought the +15 seconds button would give him extra time.

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Traxler Counter Attack #1

I don't know how to play this opening as white and I think I've pushed my luck far enough. What is the right way to play this line as white to avoid all those forced mates my opponent overlooked? …

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Ettiquette re: take-backs and offering draws #27

@ubique29 You can kinda tell by the move. If someone plays Kf1 early in the game, he probably meant to castle. Or if a piece stops one square short of capturing one of your pieces.

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Ettiquette re: take-backs and offering draws #11

In casual games? I'm pretty loose with them. If my opponent made a mistake that ruins an interesting position (e.g. gave up a back rank mate), I sometimes even ask him to take it back. People have …

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Chess Puzzle suggestion #3

Part of the point of those puzzles is training your ability to find the weakness your opponent's move created. In a real game, you don't have a little fairy on your shoulder that whispers "Mate in 3"…

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Is there a name for this checkmate? #4

It's called the B l i n d s w i n e

by Chiksan
Game analysis - 148 moves and 6 acpl ? #6

Impressive that you played that many moves in under 5 minutes

by Chiksan