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43 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Ettiquette re: take-backs and offering draws #27

@ubique29 You can kinda tell by the move. If someone plays Kf1 early in the game, he probably meant to castle. Or if a piece stops one square short of capturing one of your pieces.

by chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Ettiquette re: take-backs and offering draws #11

In casual games? I'm pretty loose with them. If my opponent made a mistake that ruins an interesting position (e.g. gave up a back rank mate), I sometimes even ask him to take it back. People have …

by chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Chess Puzzle suggestion #3

Part of the point of those puzzles is training your ability to find the weakness your opponent's move created. In a real game, you don't have a little fairy on your shoulder that whispers "Mate in 3"…

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Is there a name for this checkmate? #4

It's called the B l i n d s w i n e

by Chiksan
Game analysis - 148 moves and 6 acpl ? #6

Impressive that you played that many moves in under 5 minutes

by Chiksan
Game analysis - Sacrificed Queen for 4 Pieces #12

Don't listen to the haters. That was a nice sacrifice and mating sequence.

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Very beautiful and tricky chess puzzle #9

@JunoCunerino Nobody wants to spoil the trick, but black doesn't have to play that way. Set the position up against Stockfish level 8 and try it yourself. @Allonautilus Check today's date :)

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Will my experiment work? #2

One time, I took a week off from playing, studying or doing anything related to chess. When I came back a week later, I was better. So there's that.

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - New to playing other lichess players #6

Just use a high time control like 60 minutes per game so you'll get more time than you'll probably use, even if you ignore the clock. It might take longer to get paired, though, because I imagine the…

by Chiksan
General Chess Discussion - Starting #5

Type "scholar's mate" into Google and see how half of your opponents will try to checkmate you in 4 moves using the oldest trick in the book.

by Chiksan