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Lichess Feedback - Is There Any Benefit To Reporting Cheaters#18

So how the hell can you conclusively prove people are cheating? it’s hard enough for computers with sophisticated algorithms to work out. Seems like there is a sore loser here!

General Chess Discussion - rage after losing#15

Ok watch a few videos on certain openings then practice them, if you lose you are merely developing your opening repertoire so won't be so angry, your first win using the opening you are. practising w…

Lichess Feedback - I got timeout for asking someone whether he is using the keyboard plugin or not!?#2

Can I ask why you even asked that question in the first place? What difference does it make to you whether a remote individual is using a keyboard, iPad, phone etc as long as he is not cheating. Why d…

Bristol Swiss - Bristol Swiss 2020, Format and start time#2

Personally I like the 5/3 that you had the other night and Swiss system for 1 and a half hours. That works well for me. Thanks for organising.