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140 posts found

General Chess Discussion - How? #2

Pretty much the most common question in chess: "How do I get better?" Most people will tell you the same things—do tactics puzzles, analyze your games, and play longer time controls. In chess, improve

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - what level should i play vs Machine #4

Play each level until you get to one you can't beat, and that one you can't win against is the one you should play. Make a point to play against real people as well though, there is a difference.

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Takebacks #6

I allow them liberally in casual games, but in rated I only allow them if my opponent very obviously made a mouseslip and asked for a takeback immediately after the move, as when they accidentally mov

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - Suggestion: Correlate the activity feed with time zone #3

+1 @DubiousChess
I have noticed this as well; though it isn't the biggest deal in the world, a six hour difference in time zones makes the feed seem a little confused at times. It would be a great

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Why can not I play more against other players? #2

You are flagged as using chess engine assistance, i.e. cheating. You are not allowed to play in rated games. If you feel you have been wrongly flagged as a cheater, contact lichess. It is unlikely the

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - The pools need to go #6

@GMScuzzBall If you are referring to the Quick Pairing, you can switch tabs to go to the Lobby and make your own time control or select someone else's. That has always been an option.

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Stalemating is Theoretically impossible? #7

+1 @grapejam

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - Disgusting lag #6

@Chessy64 I am saying that ping and server latency are different values. Ping is at your end. If your ping is bad, then that is your issue, not lichess, especially considering that lichess is optimize

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Why is there an audible tone to warn off time? #20

@angrymonkey Well, awareness of your time situation is a necessity in fast time controls anyways, regardless of whether or not you're deaf, or if you have the feature turned on. If your opponents noti

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - Disgusting lag #3

lichess has no problem with its servers. The issue is your internet. lichess already offers lag compensation but it has limits so as not to inconvenience other players. The only advice there is to giv

by Asym