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163 posts found

Lichess Feedback - Conditional resignation #3

Hey, why not? +1

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - [Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control #135

Just want to make it known that I support the addition of a 1/8 time control addition as a member of the Ultrabullet family. In fact, call me insane, but I think @thibault should go as far as to add 1…

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - Cheating at "rapid" \ "standard" controls #9

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the cheater epidemic on is vastly blown out of proportion. I have played about three and a half thousand games on and have encountere…

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Shield me from players with provisional ratings? #14

I agree with @tpr in that you shouldn't have any issue playing provisional players. We were all there once. Sometimes they're strong, sometimes they're weak. Maybe once in a blue moon they're a cheate…

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Best of the Best - Per Title! #6

@Rrhyddhad Is AMADAN a CM?

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Best of the Best - Per Title! #4

GM penguingim1 (because Magnus isn't really active) IM opperwezen FM BahadirOzen CM PchelkinVK NM TwelveTeen LM Lance5500

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - To grant a takeback or not, #2

In a rated game, know that you are never obligated to grant someone a takeback, however, in the event of an obvious mouseslip in a longer game, it seems a bit unsportsmanlike not to. Maybe a good syst…

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Tournament Rating Ceiling #2

No, the rating ceiling applies to your highest rating in the last week, as it should tell you if you attempt to join a U1500. If you remain under 1500 rating for a week then you will be able to partic…

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Quick Chess Player Quiz #4

May I have a link to the Viktor Korchnoi quote in #3?

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Chess myths #2

"Bullet isn't real chess" is one you hear a lot.

by Asym