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148 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Playing anonymously #2

I always play on my account and I virtually always play rated. Sometimes you'll have bad days, and you'll go on losing streaks, and sometimes it'll be exactly the opposite. I think you just have to be…

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - Pawn game breaking bug #2

That is not a bug, that is a valid move in chess called en passant:

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - why do people resign so soon #17

@zorba7676 Different players will have their different mindsets. Some think resigning in a losing position is only proper and others think the game should be fought to its bitter end. There are good r…

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - So, done with chesscom #33

@DavyKOTWF If there's anyone in the 20% of your made-up statistic who knows for certain what does and doesn't do, it is the guy you're arguing with @Thibault :) He founded the site after a…

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - Visiting Lichess for the first time #19

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - Visiting Lichess for the first time #18

I use dark theme and it is certainly easier on my eyes. As well it looks more professional and sleek, so I agree it should be the default. I would say that most people who spend a lot of time on liche…

by Asym
Lichess Feedback - My clock keeps ticking LONG after I make my move #2

You might notice that when it switches over to the opponent's clock, time is added back to your clock to account for any you may think you've lost. It is highly unlikely that has any probl…

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - Why are there so many speed demons here? #7

People will play how they like to play and that is alright :)

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - How? #2

Pretty much the most common question in chess: "How do I get better?" Most people will tell you the same things—do tactics puzzles, analyze your games, and play longer time controls. In chess, improve…

by Asym
General Chess Discussion - what level should i play vs Machine #4

Play each level until you get to one you can't beat, and that one you can't win against is the one you should play. Make a point to play against real people as well though, there is a difference.

by Asym