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Lichess Feedback - Feature Request: hide taken pieces #3

Thanks. Didnt know that.

by Artembosten
Lichess Feedback - Letting Time Run Out Bug #1

Ive gotten a few warning “~letting time run out instead of resigning will result in a temp ban.” This is great except that I get them when I have seconds left on the clock and time runs out while I th…

by Artembosten
Lichess Feedback - Feature Request: hide taken pieces #1

Hi all, Would be cool if there was an option to hide the +- of taken pieces during a game. Rn theyre next ti the time.thanks

by Artembosten
Lichess Feedback - Cant zoom on mobile?!! Please fix #1

Im playing on the ipad pro. I sometimes use the dual app feature (not for cheating or anything related to chess - sometimes I draw while I play). When like this, the browser automatically zooms out …

by Artembosten
Lichess Feedback - Sound delay lichess bug #1

Hi, My internet can be bad sometimes. Sometimes this happens when its working fine. Theres an issue with delayed sound notifications for moves and resigns. Seems like a lichess design flaw because…

by Artembosten