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Search "user:AlphaZeroAI"

13 posts found

Game analysis - The dance of the king #3

@tpr I'm glad you liked it :)

by AlphaZeroAI
Game analysis - The dance of the king #1

by AlphaZeroAI
Game analysis - Beating SF level 8 in Ultrabullet Atomic. #2

Congratulations @savagechess2k.

by AlphaZeroAI
Lichess Feedback - AMAZING New Varient #5

@Toadofsky The Lichess development team plans to implement new chess modalities?

by AlphaZeroAI
Game analysis - thanks for support cheaters #5

@mrzmsmglsnk Maybe he just made a good game. Although I still do not understand the move 22. Nxe6?? considering that he thought 9.2 seconds to make this move. I have to admit that it is something s…

by AlphaZeroAI
Game analysis - Improve your rook endings! #2

Thanks for sharing, @achja

by AlphaZeroAI
Game analysis - My best game with the London System #1

I would like to share with you this wonderful game that I just finished a few minutes ago.

by AlphaZeroAI
Lichess Feedback - insults in russian #2

@jeanmih Disable chat and report players to moderators for insulting.

by AlphaZeroAI
Game analysis - Anti-Stonewall (via triangle move order) #2

@Sarg0n It's interesting. Thank you so much for sharing it.

by AlphaZeroAI
Game analysis - Interesting game with the King's Indian Defense #1

by AlphaZeroAI