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Lichess Feedback - Chess Variant 'Bronstein Chess', 'Pre-Chess' #7

Such a variant would not eliminate opening theory. Chess960 eliminates opening theory because there are 960 different starting positions. Your described variant has exactly one starting position. It m…

by Abigail-III
General Chess Discussion - How Do You Play Faster In 3/0? #12

`"It's a bit disheartening because it makes the game seem like whoever moves fastest wins and little else matters" 3/0 is a long enough time control that it isn't about who moves fastest. However, …

by Abigail-III
General Chess Discussion - Ban casual #28

If you don't like unrated games, don't play unrated games. I don't understand the arguments about inflated rating. An unrated game has as much influence on rating as not playing a game. Do you pla…

by Abigail-III
General Chess Discussion - 2 queries about Lichess chess rules #8

"the aim of online chess is to replicate the rules and skills of real chess." Here I am, thinking the skills of a real chess game are about finding the best moves. But it turns out, the skills of a…

by Abigail-III
General Chess Discussion - "Chess100" idea #4

The knight + bishop is commonly known as "Archbishop". The knight + rook is commonly known as "Chancellor". Both are using in Capablanca Chess (, which i…

by Abigail-III
General Chess Discussion - Lichess rating compared to standard rating #9

Different rating systems (ELO vs Glicko-2), different sets of players, different time controls. Why do people expect FIDE ratings and Lichess ratings to be comparable?

by Abigail-III
Lichess Feedback - Automatically claim draw at 50 moves #7

@Alex_slow Yes and no. Article 9.3 of the FIDE handbook states that a draw due 50 moves without a capture or a pawn move should be claimed, in a similar way as with 3-fold repetition. According to art…

by Abigail-III
Lichess Feedback - Settings/ Preference to not get paired with players with lower game completion rate? #3

What determines a persons "Game completion rate" anyway? I've never run down a clock (although I've had opponents who do), and I've never disconnected from a game. Yet my percentage is 94%.

by Abigail-III
General Chess Discussion - Identical positions in the sense of castling. #12

The FIDE rules don't explicitly talk about castling rights when considering positions to be the same. Quoting from the FIDE handbook: "Positions as in (a) and (b) are considered the same, if the sa…

by Abigail-III
General Chess Discussion - Etiquette advice #2

I often decline a rematch, because I often just play a single game waiting for some code to compile, a database query to be run, or some test files to execute. By the time the game is done, I can cont…

by Abigail-III