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Off-Topic Discussion - Vad är du rädd för?#5

"You can get into that hear-all-speak" Would be my personal translation.

General Chess Discussion - Player rated 200+ what is your Chess routine?#8

Hello, im 1950-2050 blitz and i dont play much rapid, but probably like 2100 player. How much times did you guys do tactics? How much times its impossible to count. I started with few books 1) …

General Chess Discussion - Player rated 2000+ what is your Chess routine?#11

Since Lichess switched to their new puzzle system I do more tactics than ever. Other than that I replay master games, mostly from ChessBase or those books: Kasparov - The test of times Fischer - …

Off-Topic Discussion - ciao 2020#1

On the main Russian TV channel, on the New Year's Eve, they showed a show in which Russian stars sang their songs with a translation into Italian a la 1980. Have you watched the CIAO 2020 program? h…

Off-Topic Discussion - Most Overrated Films in IMDB Top 250?#30

Recency bias is a big problem with the list, I would guess largely a product of paid priming. On the flip side, there are too many films from antiquity on there. Between the black and white compositi…

😂🤣🤓Jokes and memes and riddles 😂🤣🤓 - Jokes#39

chinese. translation: Computer Dell hell bell the bell is new there born a new baby with new ears the bell rings beside the new baby's new ears RINGGGG!!!!There it goes the new baby's ears is de…

Lichess Feedback - Request to restore the difficulty settings of puzzles#5

Translated it was Most easy and most difficult, signficantly easier problems than now possibly.

Lichess Feedback - Request to restore the difficulty settings of puzzles#3

When I use a browser I have 5 options, easier, easy, normal, difficult, more difficult (translated from Dutch). I'm pretty sure there used to be 7 options and would get problems around 150 points lowe…

Lichess Feedback - Request: Copy Tactics to own space or studies easily#3

@kalaschnikov-attack You can download the lichess puzzles at