your favorite decade?

I like 50s 60s and 70s, the building critical mass of technology in those years is inspiring to me. My favorite is the 60s for the hard rock music.

80s for films and music, but mid 90s-early 00s in general

Dude on beach---"I've died and gone to Heaven !"

Racqel when she rolls him over--"Is that a spear in your loincloth or are you just glad ta see me ?"

The 60's was it...all that incredible music plus films like this at the drive-in...

"Happy Days" ain't a tv's a documentary.

#4 I call B.S. The Gregorian calendar was introduced in the 1580s, and that makes everyone's life more complicated.

"In 46 B.C., Julius Caesar had his fill of the bickering and, having returned from his campaign in Egypt and seeing the simplicity of their solar-based calendar, decreed that a solar-based calendar would be adopted by the Roman Empire. He even went so far as to rely on an Egyptian (remember the Romans and Eqyptians were bitter enemies at the time) astronomer and mathematician named Sosigenes who was part of Cleopatra's entourage when she appeared At Caesar's palace in Rome and effectively said "here is your baby and where is my apartment?" To phase in this new calendar, Caesar let the year 46 B.C. continue on for 445 (!) days and this period went down in history as the "Year of Confusion." The modified Egyptian calendar went into effect in the year 45 B.C. as the "Julian Calendar" and continues in much the same form in a few places around the world even to this day."

Extract from the link below.Worth the read.

Everyone here went to bed on September 2nd 1752 and woke up on September 14th

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