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  1. Forum
  2. Off-Topic Discussion
  3. Your banned (forum game)

Banned because the rules of the forum clearly state: "you give a clever reason(or not) why the player above should be banned" -seanysean (seanysean is the OP)

@spaceTurtles banned for banning me(notice how I specified this time)

@JakeStateFarm Banned for not following the word of the OP!

@MeepMonster banned cuz following = tailing = stalking = nudity = pervy sage (Naruto)

@The_Rival000 banned cuz pervy sage = pervy stage = fuelling tools = land of fools

Banned for not having hen

LanciaFulvia_HF Banned for Banning someone! :)

Oh dang puzzlewizard(me) banned for using a sideways smile!!!(and for using too many exclamation marks)

banned for banning while being banned by an unbanned ban

The_Rival000 is banned for his unjustified belligerence!

Because he insists on rivaling anybody here, as his user name implies.

This topic is now closed.