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  3. You can save net neutrality

If you are a United States resident, it is your duty to save the Internet. Online chess and lichess require net neutrality to thrive.

Please! Here's how you can help:

It won't take long, and you'll be able to brag about it forever.

Thank you on behalf of every Internet user and chess player.

Thibault, founder



i hate net neutrality really hard
good night vietspam

I agree 100% with net neutrality.
A couple of points...
Why single out United States residents?
Next, maybe it is a language difference, how words are interpreted. "Duty" seems to imply I have joined a organization, made a pledge and previously agreed to uphold a promise.

I think the terms "responsibility" or "obligation" are better suited.
"My duty because I am a US resident?" suggests I joined a political party or the military.

I support the initiative to repeal the proposed changes. Just want to point out the terminology used and the singling out of U.S. residents can be interpreted as being accusatory. U.S. residents are no different than anyone else, and do not out of hand support any political or corporate agenda.

The internet will not disappear. It will not be "saved". It's the same argument since Rockefeller and Carnegie. Corporations in order better provide and expand their services fight regulations with the bottom line being a profit made.
There are always two sides to the issue. It may become more expensive, more monopolistic, the rich become richer and the poor left to feed on the crumbs. But the internet will remain. If the changes are made, will it mean the end of lichess?
thibault seems to be saying possibly yes, but he's a smart guy. The entrepreneurs have always found ways to survive. Let's hope it doesn't come to unnecessary difficulties.

"Please! Here's how you can help:"

This dies at "Call your representative". You've just started a fake fight within the confines of the very system you are trying to change. You have either been fooled like countless before you, or you're one of the hypocrite, often welltodo abusers yourself. People have been yapping, quacking, braying like this since the invention of the wheel. STFU, bunch of arrogant priggs! Go catch a fish, live out of dumpsters, starve on the streets! Show some guts and shut your trap!!! Who gives a shit about internet anyways? You! Not me, I'd rather live myself, but I haven't got the necessary paperwork to be allowed to do so. I'm being squashed like a bug, along with billions more and you just keep yapping, buying new iPhones and "fight" for bs abstractions like "lichess". Fuck lichess. is probably VERY LOW as far as bandwidth usage in America. Sites to more likely be hit are Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and unfortunately Steam.

Why are they doing this? What's the point in it? What problem are they trying to solve? I'm too lazy to do my own research so can someone sum up what's happening in a few sentences?


Ultimately, it's an attempt of censorship, controlling and restricting information, and That, as history shows, would lead to BAD bad things.

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