Predictions? What do you tink will happen? Whose side are you on

I think it has to happen at one point (i mean just look at america, russia, turky, india, britain, china etc...) and i think the best way to survive the war is to move to africa.

I cheer for noone btw...

I don't think that there will be a big world war like scenario. And even if, they wouldn't call it that any time soon. Only much later.
Even nowadays wars and acts of war are often not named for what they are. The ones who try to manipulate public opinion rather use euphemisms like "armed conflict".

Anyways, I do not believe that there will be a major war of the nations with nuclear weapons or anything of that sort. But let me make a prediction/prophecy:

Sooner or later there will be a totally different kind of war. The poor versus the rich; the people versus the state/governments. We already have more and more regulations and laws snipping away our freedom. There is more and more censorship, surveillance and oppression of those voicing critical opinions. People work hard and of what little wages they are paid the state will take away a massive chunk of ever increasing taxes. Many people do not feel that the majority of this money is used in ways beneficial to themselves.
I have a feeling that this is only going to get worse.

It won't be long before the people will start to stand up for themselves, to rebel, to riot. Only a few at first. They will be mocked and ridiculed as crazies in a public that is fed with a constant stream of propaganda lies via mass media, punished with utmost severity by the law. But quickly they will increase in numbers and as they get stronger they will start to commit acts of terrorism, violence against those they regard as their enemies. Mostly it will be innocent people like themselves getting hurt and killed. They may or may not be right about the injustices they perceive, but whatever action they take, it will not make things better. It will only escalate the situation more quickly.

The governments will (ab)use the military to continue the oppression of their people. This will be a kind of war. There will be fighting in the streets of most big cities. It will take place in many nations all over the planet.

There will be no winner. No resolving of the conflict. Just lots of useless suffering and dying.

There will be a breakdown of law and order, of infrastructure, of health care. Total anarchy.

All sorts of sicknesses will spread and decimate mankind further.

Ultimately those who survived will be too weak to continue useless fighting and will slowly start rebuilding from the ruins of civilization, getting organized into smaller communities, beginning to grow food, farm the land, breed cattle, take care of the most basic needs like food, clean water, a roof over the head and medicine for the sick.

Soon these small communities will get into first conflicts with each other, competing for resources.

And in a couple hundred years we may be back again to where we are now and the same game can repeat all over again because that is human nature.

Maybe I am too pessimistic. Maybe everything will turn out alright.

For the most part I consider myself a pacifist, and so I am always on the side of those individuals who choose the part of non-violence and non-aggression. Those who try to stay out of the conflict to the best of their ability.

Do something important else in reality instead posting a worthless topic like WW bra bra.

I personally think there are just too many problems and bad politicians at the same time.
You never know which country pulls the next nuclear programm.

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