Worst Chess Game in Movies

What is the worst "chess game" you have ever seen in a movie?

It's a toss up between the infamous one in a Harry Potter movie and the one in Searching for Bobby Fischer.

I've never seen anyone win w the Scandinavian except in Harry Potter. And given they were trying to keep their pieces on the board to stay alive? It's a miracle they all survived.

I once saw part of a sci-fi flick (I am not sure what it was, I had to change channels after witnessing the following atrocity) that involved the following:
1. Pretending that Silman's Complete Guide to Chess was the "Chess Rulebook"
2. A supposed genius and veteran chess-player getting scholar's mated
3. The move 2. b2-a3. Not even joking.

Here's a few wrong set-ups...
Ace Ventura-when nature calls
What's new pussycat
The Seventh Seal
Blade Runner
Austin Powers
From Russia with love.
The Shawshank Redemption. @clousems

The board in Seventh Seal was set up wrong? I thought that was an example of surrealism in chess.

#6 The chess board, in Andy Dupris's prison cell, in the movie..."The Shaw Shank Redemption" was set wrong. There's a line in the movie where Morgan Freeman says "Andy likes to play chess" as they were out trying to find rocks for Andy to carve into a chess set. The guy in charge of props in that movie...made Andy look like a beginner. :]
#5 I made a post in a previous topic called "pet peeves'' about my enjoying watching for incorrect board placement in movies and TV shows and ads. I see you have spotted quite a few. I wonder if anybody in Hollywood knows how to play chess?! The prop guys keep missing it. :]

I've heard that Stanley Kubrick was actually a decent chess-player. I don't know if I believe it

I heard that Kubrick taught HAL :)
Actually he was a rather handy player.

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