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  3. world cup game

world cup, France!


Rooting for France.

Easy betting prediction: France, Money Line!!
I bet $1,500. I don't usually bet so high, but this is a lock!
Final Score Prediction: France 4, Croatia 0

Go Croatia! I love to route for the underdog and they do have alot of heart, tenacity, and talent. Final Score Prediction: Croatia 3, France 2/ GL.

Good job, France. What you lack in ability in fighting battles against facsist military regimes on the battle field is obviously not an adequate correlation to your ability in soccer. Though I'd be certainly more politically comfortable betting on a nation like Croatia, I'll just collect my hard earned betting money and wait for the next opportunity! Pretty successful world cup....not nearly as much as last time, but I finished up a little over $5,000! The obvious France pick allowed me to recoup some losses I suffered on Germany.

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