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a strategical gameplan always outplays tactical nonsense!

Nope :P

ive got 8 pawns who agree with u :)

`, /

western libaral democracies has a flaw… in order to be elected and lead sheep u have to act and have the behaviour of a sheep… and lets be honest… that just doesnt cut it...i have a saying for those who prefer to eat sheep and/or lamb… U ARE CANNIBALS... u just dont know it! -mandre-

@styxesc this doesn't really look, you know, TACTICAL

u may be right... i wonder if pst (the norwegian security forces) consider my sharp e-mail to them earlier tonight strategic or tactical… im guessing my favoured pawns will have a saying in that.

at least my pawns has substance… contrary to my opponents pawns who are good for one thing only: making noise.

well if the doctors want to forcefully admit me to closed psychiatric ward come monday morning… im gonna blame it on the beer!

thats tactical isnt it!

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