who is your favorite singer?

you are not interested in music? am talking with around 100 friend that saw this post:)

This persian music by Shajarian sounds interesting especially for its folklore merit in my opinion, but can you tell what he sings? i don't think everyone in the forum understand this language, but nice sound nevertheless… each artist has his/her own unique style so i don't have a favorite cause i think it's better to admire uniqueness in diversity, but recently i've just been listening to Caesars, kind of garage rock sound, and the guy who sings does a decent job along their music style

Gordon Gano for the voice.
Billy Joel for the lyrics.
Shirley Manson for the beauty.
My wife because she's my wife.

@KaosAquarius this is not arabic it is Persian. arabic and Persian are really distinct. I listen musics from all languages but I hate arabic musics and they dont have any good singer.your music was really nice too.have a nice day!

@KaosAquarius another question?how do you say "she"?:)if you said the first music the singer is Donya.the second music I have shared is Homayoun Shajarian.he and his father both are in top singers of Iran and world.