Which is your favourite greek deity?

My favourite Greek deity is the one who gave the world mousaka and Nana Mouskouri.

Hestia goddess of the hearth, home, family and domesticity. She was the quiet unassuming one who stayed out of family melodrama, stayed chaste, and was generally so bland, that everyone else forgot she was being celebrated in every single Greek household every-time they fed or extinguished the fire. It was Hestia, not Zeus, that received the first offering in every household of sweet wine. Each city had a public hearth dedicated to gentle Hestia and that fire was never permitted to die. The communal meals there began and ended with sacrifices to Hestia. New colonies took fire from the hearth in the prytaneion (also known as the town hall) and kept the fires going in those new locations.

She had the maximum amount of power and clout in Greek society, with the minimum of fuss, jealousy and headache. In other words she was the epitome of a successful politician.

Circe of course! Performing magic and turning your enemies into animals, can't beat that.

If you and your enemy are facing off with a sword and a shield each,you stand some chance of surviving.But if Circe comes along and changes your enemy into an elephant which then proceeds to step on your face...

@TeamBEAST well in German Blitz does mean lightning. This proves Zeus plays chess.