Where to buy comics?

A few years ago I found Image Comics. I liked their comics, especially Black Magick and Birthright. But they have wrecked their website; they don't allow downloads anymore. You rent a comic by reading it on a stupid web tool. So I have to look elsewhere.

1. I cannot buy physical comics. I only like to read pdfs.
2. I am only interested in original series; none of the Marvel tropes interest me. No Superman, Batman etc please.
3. Because my currency exchange rate [aud] has gone down the toilet I like to read one comic book series and stick to it.

Is there any online comic site where I can buy pdfs as above? I don't care if I am late for the comic book series; reading back issue pdfs is fine.

Write your seem rather comical.

Just put out a 100000000000000 dollar prize for whoever can find you a comic website.

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